Ivan Colominas

Classic Shape, Avant-Garde Tension
A vase that’s an homage to design and to marble itself: the Marquinia veins look skyward, toward the crater defined by round shapes and sinuous profiles, toward the reinterpretation of the artistic artefact, toward Greek and Roman tradition, toward Renaissance sculpture. The light of history shines down on a modern masterpiece that defies the myth to contain all the goods in the world.
Technical Information
Nero Marquinia

Capua Medium
Ø 19 x 23.5 cm
Ø 7.5 x 9.3 in

Capua Large
Ø 32 x 19 cm
Ø 7.5 x 12.6 in

Made in Italy, hand finished.
Useful Information

MMAIRO marble products are made of valuable materials and need to be handled with care. Any difference between similar objects and from their picture on the catalogue are due to the nature of the marble, and costitute an additional value of each piece, making it truly unique and special. The contact with acid or corrosive substances may adversely affect the surface. Hand washing is recommended. Special stain treatment, where necessary food compatible.
Ivan Colominas

He studied industrial design at the UCH-CEU in Valencia, where he also attained a Master’s of Transportation Design. The collaboration with several international firms has, in recent years, led him to work across a diverse range of sectors: from automotive, to sporting goods and home accessories. His design research is heavily influenced by XX century iconography: focussed on delivering products that, while belonging to a digital age, convey analogue qualities. Colominas’ work has garnered six Red Dot Awards and has been published in specialised media worldwide.


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