MMairo Marble Maison - Marble pays tribute to the everyday

From 17 to 22 April 2018, during Milan Design Week, MMairo introduces its second collection: form and irony, function and elegance, with new pieces by Matteo Cibic, Ivan Colominas and Michele Chiossi

Milan, 09/04/2018

While one works on developing new projects, a year flies by and that which whirls around us, becomes an invaluable source of inspiration. MMairo returns to Milan for Design Week with two new collections, the concept of which is unchanged: to produce design pieces that complement the everyday with objects that are more truly “ours” and characterise its identity. Ivan Colominas, Michele Chiossi, Karen Chekerdjian, Stefano Belingardi Clusoni, Studioformart and Cristoforo Trapani created the first collection for MMairo, which for the 2018 collection, relies on Matteo Cibic’s irony and talent, and has tasked Colominas with a second iteration of what he sees as an object in its everyday setting, and Michele Chiossi to captivate once more with Oriental-inspired shapes and zigzag patterns.

The space at the Galleria Baroni in Via Madonnina, showcases MMairo’s project Marble Maison, which features Pyxis by Ivan Colominas, a refined collection articulated through cylinders that vary only in size and doesn’t ignore that the best ally in the thorough organization of a space is the container, which thanks to minute details, becomes increasingly ours. Michele Chiossi recaptures the Jap Vegetation collection with a sake set and returns to the trademark zigzag pattern with the Emoji Forever tray, shaped like a diamond and part of the Contemporary collection.

The second innovation in the house of MMairo is Matteo Cibic, grandson of the famed Aldo, designer and creative director who cheerfully responds to Achille Castiglioni’s statement: “If you’re not curious, forget it!” Cibic has done more: with Homage, he successfully transformed a material with a capital M, marble, into a fun object resembling a prank. Who says that a marble vase can only be a marble vase? Cibic’s ideas are gleaned from the detail, his creations never compromise on anthropomorphism and joy. A vase can be a smiling face, offset by protruding ears; a cake stand in Rosso Levanto, can be a flag with Bianco Imperiale and Marquinia black, as if suggesting that the merger of opposites were possible. The colours and marbles in Cibic’s pieces, tell of lucky encounters and happy times, celebrated by unforgettable objects. MMairo reaffirms its love of marble and continues to pursue new varieties such as the elegant Nero Antico and the Bianco Statuario, which together with the Verde Guatemala, the rare Nero Portoro and the Rosso Levanto, brighten some of the pieces in the 2017 collection. The only small deviation is white onyx: an elegant, variegated stone, ideal for the 2018 edition of Totem by Karen Chekerdjian.

Cocktail Party: 17 April 2018 – from 7.00 pm

Via Madonnina, 17 Milan