MMairo – Interior Portrait
The elegance of marble reinterpreting domestic interiors MMairo

MMairo will introduce their third collection from 9th to 14th April, during Milano Design Week: vases, lights, tables and furnishing accessories are the modern-day objects that have forgotten myth and heroism to become ours once more

Milan, March 2019

Places of everyday conversation, family portraits, domestic interiors that have told the story of Italian life so well from the postwar period to today: in designing their new collection, MMairo drew inspiration from the noblest of rooms, the living room – a place of gathering and conversation, of study and collecting. The perfect inspiration for furnishing accessories to be placed side by side with the iconic furniture that inhabits it almost from a literary point of view. Ivan Colominas, Michele Chiossi and Karen Chekerdjian have designed new and vibrant pieces, partnering with acclaimed American designer Bec Brittain and Niko Koronis who, with studies in London, Milan and Cardiff, offers a classic approach resulting in pure design.

To introduce their third collection in via Madonnina, MMairo decided to partner with Square Garden Conservatories, a historic company that design and produce “Made in Italy” conservatories and greenhouses, so as to present an ad hoc project wherein the strength of marble merges with the transparency of glass, in honour of nature and its infinite expressions. Thus, MMairo and Square Garden will bring us a Design Week dedicated to greenery, to sustainability and creativity: small conservatories will house MMairo vases. In exhibition Michele Chiossi’s new designs, Guggenheim Cigarettes & Cigars, ashtrays as everlasting as marble itself, as elegant as a concentric circle of smoke spreading through the air – placed side by side with Ivan Colominas’ new vases – modern masterpieces challenging the myth of Pandora, the most famous of all.

NThe latest edition of Euroluce, lighting up the Salone del Mobile Milano, isn’t the only reason; like the most noble of film directors, MMairo know how to make the best use of their love of light, in a constant dichotomy of interior and exterior spaces. Refined and shielded, Bruchi by Niko Koronis inspires us to rethink marble, to understand its potential and limitations and to move beyond them in search of simplicity and new forms of lighting. In the wake of her experience as design director for the American lighting brand Lindsey Adelman Studio and its own brand, Bec Brittain – the second new name in Casa MMairo for 2019 – has created Heron, an elongated, slightly angular light sculpture reminiscent of the bird it draws inspiration from even in its colours (white, ash grey and pink).

And there it is the inevitable presence of a coffee table in perfect Karen Chekerdjian style – for Interior Portrait, she designed Inside Out, the value of change, a table defined in its function by the top element: a vase, candle holder or fruit basket.

Last but not least, a small “homage” to the collection Homage 2018 – the versions in Bianco Michelangelo and Nero Marquinia and Rosso Levanto marbles of Pietro and Tacca vases by Matteo Cibic.

It is a resolute composition and the portrait of an interior created by MMairo’s is real – as tangible in its lights, shapes and materials as the tie binding places to people, us to the ambiences we inhabit in a long-lasting relationship. Far from thinking of it as a danger, it is design’s greatest success: the ability to merge with the objects dearest to us, the ones we can never give up.

MMairo was born in 2016 in Carrara (Tuscany), international capital of marble, in the steady embrace of the Apuan Alps, where MMairo oversee the quarrying and processing of this pure gift of nature. The Apuan Alps’ heritage is beauty and MMairo has been able to harness the area’s deep roots to build relationships with local manufactures and artisans, sharing dust and sunset: because expertise on the subject is the first step towards artistic creation. The Company has a corner @ Spazio De Santis in Via Ariberto 1 in Milan (by appointment only).

Opening 9th April 2019 – from 7 pm
Via Madonnina, 12 Milan @ Square Garden Conservatories

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