Emblema Mirror Small

Collages. Diverse materials creative multifold forms

Image and frame. Chiossi’s mirror reflects and defines, captures a moment, a glance: the zigzag pattern is the ideal bridge between the ancient and the modern, between us and our image set in the crest of the Italian Republic.

Materials: White Statuario marble, mirror

Dimensions: 38 x 42 cm

Weight: 2.7 kg avg.

Limited Edition (#99)

Made in Italy, hand finished


Tuscan sculptor Michele Chiossi, has found in marble a medium to describe modernity with its myths and symbols, creating the Contemporary collection. An emoji can be a tray; an emoji heart, not necessarily pierced by an arrow, can be a place of creativity in the kitchen, a chopping board or a working surface; a dash; a zigzag; granting the marble a moment of levity, becoming vertical in a vase; reflecting an ideal image of ourselves. Unique objects to be experienced as a couple, to gift to friends, jewels of our daily lives.

Lucca, 1970

Michele Chiossi