The idealized meeting of east and west has led Colominas to consider a sushi set that embodies Japan’s minimalist aesthetic with attention to detail for even the most mundane object. Making it extremely contemporary through a touch of design application, it’s still a cypher of oriental design.

Materials: White Michelangelo Marble

Special stain treatment, food compatible

Dimensions: 40 x 21 x 2.5 cm

Weight: 2.5 kg avg.

Made in Italy, hand finished


Sushi as a magic formula, sushi as a culinary passion. It is minimalist cooking, almost architectural, which does not compromise in flavour. It is the perfect cuisine for marble. Ivan Colominas has thought of the essential pieces to enjoy a perfect Japanese dinner: two trays, one for serving, the other to contain the food with room for the soya sauce; a bowl for the rice; and finally, the chopstick rests. The collection “SHODO” is inspired by the traditional, Japanese art of calligraphy and its elements, to create a unique sushi set in which the different kinds of marble create a visual play of light and depth.

Barcelona, 1978

Ivan Colominas