The material is served

A sculptural shape for a container. Colominas’ project accomplishes curved marble that lends itself to carrying sauces or oils with designs that are always different.

Materials: White Michelangelo marble
or Black Marquinia marble

Dimensions: 39.4 x 9 cm

Weight: 0.9 kg avg.

Made in Italy, hand finished.

Materia e Tavola

Mmairo loves wining and dining, good food and entertaining and, it loves marble. In the kitchen it is the perfect material: pure, smooth and easy to clean. Far from the monumentality by which it can be defined, this luxurious material has been shaped for an elegant table and impeccable service, into creative and unambiguous forms by the imagination of Spanish designer Ivan Colominas. The collection is a tribute to one of Italy’s great masters of design and architecture: Angelo Mangiarotti, creator of symbolic, marble design pieces, who is closely connected to the Apuan region and its craftsmen. The essential is visible, with a collection that offers infinite applications: serving, decorating, presenting, containing, tasting. The “material is served”, flawless and delectable.

Barcelona, 1978

Ivan Colominas