Originating in Carrara, baroque and dichromatic. Cibic pays tribute to Tuscany’s great sculptural tradition in the wake of Pietro Tacca, epitome of Florentine baroque, with a vase that is pure delight; alternating black and white. And it may be that Tacca proves as lucky as “Porcellino”, one of the illustrious sculptor’s works.

Materials: Black Marquinia, Red Levanto and White Michelangelo marble

Dimensions: 38.2 x 23.4 x 7.3 cm

Weight: 7.3 kg avg.

Made in Italy, hand finished


One can read the cypher of Italian design, perceiving ironic touches, admiring the ever-lasting material.
Matteo Cibic encounters Mmairo and Homage is born. A tribute to marble, which is no longer an impenetrable material, but part of the everyday, laughing and having fun; a tribute to the sculptural expression of Carrara, a glorious chapter of Italian art history, from Gothic lavishness to site specific design.
Form follows Cibic’s ideas, who never compromises on anthropomorphism and joy, recalling the ancient faces of tribal sculptures, masks and idols. With – Homage – he conjures African Art embraced by Amedeo Modigliani, the painter and sculptor from Livorno capable of “allowing the lines to emerge”. Lines that fascinate Cibic, who from a vase creates a cheerful face offset by protruding ears; a fruit bowl inspired by a tribal mask; and a cake stand in Red Levanto can be a flag with White Michelangelo and Black Marquinia, as if suggesting that the merger of opposites were possible. And how: the colours and marbles in Cibic’s pieces, tell of lucky encounters and happy times, celebrated by unforgettable objects.
Matteo Cibic

Matteo Cibic , 1983

Matteo Cibic