One could even imagine marble to levitate, flying up to the clouds light as a feather, in a perfect chromatic match. Studioformart reiterates the lightness of the most noble elemental material, transforming it into a placemat, contemporary and informal, to complete the Square set. Imagination can take flight only from a solid foundation.

Materials: White Carrara Marble

Special stain treatment, food compatible

Dimensions: 46 x 34 x 0.7 cm

Weight: 3 kg avg.

Made in Italy, hand finished


The history of marble carving is lost in time; in one breath, it takes us back to the IV century BC, to ancient Greece where decorations and sculptures were created from the shimmering stone. Andrea and Simone Dell’Amico, the souls of Studioformat, are young designers from Carrara who live and breathe marble in the nearby quarries, challenging the material’s strength. Total Marble is a collection that introduces curved and rectangular trays, place mats and mise en place that suggest fleetingness in a material, the divine aspects of which, have been transformed into objects for everyday use.

Carrara, 1969


Artisans, Design Studio