Armonia Vase S
Jacopo Simonetti
Inspired by the captivating image that two contrasting elements can create, Jacopo Simonetti draws the lines of his new collection Armonia, a pleasing interplay of void and full that run over each other, in search of a balance, like notes agreeably arranged in a melody.
Vases and Lamps are designed with minimal forms, characterised by perfectly carved oval shapes, to convey a sense of elegance and lightness, as if they were suspended in the air, in a place far from time.
Intriguing accessories that shine through the ethereal nuances of Rosa Egeo marble, a precious material that makes us travel to Greece, the mythological land where this material is rooted.
Technical Information
  Bianco Arabescato
  nero Marquinia
  Onice Bianco
  Rosa Egeo
Ø 6,5 x 35,5 cm
Ø 2.6 x 13.8 in
Made in Italy, hand finished.
Useful Information
MMAIRO marble products are made of valuable materials and need to be handled with care. Any difference between similar objects and from their picture on the catalogue are due to the nature of the marble, and costitute an additional value of each piece, making it truly unique and special. The contact with acid or corrosive substances may adversely affect the surface. Hand washing is recommended. Special stain treatment, where necessary food compatible.
Jacopo Simonetti

Since he was born at the foot of Apuan Alps he was surrounded by white marbles, dusted craftsmen and used to hear the music of machines working that pure material. He gained craftsman experience in the workshops of his Pietrasanta, renowned center for marble working and sculpture. He furthered his studies at the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts, where he learned also to pair this exquisite material with modern design. Jacopo Simonetti is a young talented designer that, in spite of its age, masters the matching of ideas, marbles and technology. His work stands out for the creation of products that combine classical simplicity and beauty with the dynamic and functional nature of modern design.


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