ESG Policy

MMairo and the Environment.

The main focus and mission of MMairo is to transform a noble and fascinating natural row materials like marbles and peculiar stones, in unique objects that are incorporating the spirit, sensibility and vision of our Designers and that are creating a feeling with our Customers.
Our Customers, when select and acquire a MMairo product, are motivated by the emotions that the object inspire, those lived by the Designer and those generated by the unicity of the marble, both together create a bond between the object and the owner, renewed every time he sees the forms, and he touch the almost animated object that she/he sets in a familiar environment to increase the comfort and confidence in the beautifulness of life.
We like to think that these sensations are not diminished by an even tiny afterthought,that the creation of these objects could represent an attempt against the environment and its balance.
We are a small company, we cannot drive mainstream market habit and usage, anyway we act accordingly to respect the national environmental laws.
We have selected and consolidated our main supply chain selecting companies that are certainly and sometimes certified environmentally friendly.
For example, they contract only green energy to power their machinery. They all are recycling the water used in the production cycle, the fraction given to the public waste is anyway clean.
The waste of marbles and stones, starting from the ones produced in the quarries, down to machining factories and laboratories, are debris and powders that, by nature, are inert and not by itself poisonous. When filtered and recovered, the waste are often sold to industry that reuse them as raw material and do not generate pollution.
The Marbles and stones we buy are not from environmental uncontrolled rogue states.
We live in a fortunate area that is a renewed world center for production, workmanship and commerce of marbles and stones.
We are aware that the Marbles and stones we buy locally, are not bought from foreign environmental uncontrolled rogue states.
In addition at our knowledge, they come from foreign quarries of extraction that do not use the work of children. Foreign quarries are often owned or controlled by Italian companies.
For what concern the packaging, we use materials that can be easily recycled.
Only when the fragility of the shipped object increases the risk, we use materials that could be collected and anyway totally or partially recycled in advanced country, as in Italy.
For all the above reasons we feel ourselves, MMairo, as an environmentally friendly company.

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