Kadomatsu Vase
Michele Chiossi
Collage. Diverse Materials Creative Multiform Forms
A zigzag line defines the illusory border between art and design. Chiossi crosses it entirely by creating a collection of vases, candle holders and tokkury&cups set, inspired by nature and the harmonious shapes of bamboo, thin yet scratch proof.
Collage. Diverse Materials Creative Multifold Forms
MMairo is also a hero in décor: where attention to detail blends with an oriental aesthetic. Michele Chiossi has thought of bamboo, which like marble is a versatile and well established element, as the inspiration and symbol for the vases for Jap Vegetation (emoji kadomatsu). A vase available in different sizes, two modular candlesticks and a set of tokkury, creative shapes that reference dense forests, bamboo stems that appear fragile but are strong. Vessels that appears emptied of all that is superfluous, ready to accommodate the wisdom and beauty of nature and finally, to wish good luck.
Technical Information
  Verde Guatemala - Verde India
  nero Marquinia
Made in Italy, hand finished.
Vase Small
Ø 8 x 11.5 cm
Ø 3.1 x 4.5 in

Vase Medium
Ø 7 x 25 cm
Ø 2.7 x 9.8 in

Vase Large
Ø 5.5 x 30 cm
Ø 2.2 x 11.8 in
Useful Information
MMAIRO marble products are made of valuable materials and need to be handled with care. Any difference between similar objects and from their picture on the catalogue are due to the nature of the marble, and costitute an additional value of each piece, making it truly unique and special. The contact with acid or corrosive substances may adversely affect the surface. Hand washing is recommended. Special stain treatment, where necessary food compatible.
Michele Chiossi

His research is defined by the ongoing analysis of the mood that marks our daily lives, which he manifests through original still-lives and poetic reveries. He renews language by reprogramming sculpture. In fact, he revisits the shapes of his distinctive zigzag marks and rewrites the statuary through the plasticity of the modelled, using precious materials (specifically marble) and technological ones (neon, urethane rubber, epoxy resins), often combining them. Michele exhibition activity started in 1996 in prestigious art galleries with personal or collective exhibitions and he is present in the most important Italian and international art fairs.


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