Venelin Kokalov

Inspired by the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna is an elegant table consisting of two separate but complementary pieces. Together, the two components trace a graceful arc reminiscent of the moon’s path across the night sky.
The piece embodies a sense of lightness; at the same time, its organic form highlights the marble’s unmistakable materiality. In this duality, Luna embodies a peaceful harmony that is at once calming and uplifting.
Informazioni Tecniche
  Bianco Carrara
  Verde Luana

Ø 81,6 x 17 cm
Ø 32.1 x 6.7 in

Ø 150 x 25 cm
Ø 59 x 9.8 in

Made in Italy, hand finished.
Useful Information
MMAIRO marble products are made of valuable materials and need to be handled with care. Any difference between similar objects and from their picture on the catalogue are due to the nature of the marble, and costitute an additional value of each piece, making it truly unique and special. The contact with acid or corrosive substances may adversely affect the surface. Hand washing is recommended. Special stain treatment, where necessary food compatible.
Ivan Colominas

Architect Venelin Kokalov was born and raised in Bulgaria; in 2002 he immigrated to Canada. Today, Venelin leads Revery Architecture, a Vancouver-based, internationally recognized practice with focus on cultural, academic, and community buildings. The firm’s name reflects its mission: to create a harmony balance between creative reverie and technical precision in every project.
With a background firmly rooted in art and craftsmanship, Venelin is respected for his distinctive ability to seamlessly weave together established and emerging technologies in engaging and innovative ways. Whether he is designing a concert hall, a high-rise residential tower, a piano, or a table, his approach focuses on designing experiences—his work seeks to uplift the human spirit and improve quality of life.
Venelin's creative vision is evident in the Xiqu Opera House in Hong Kong, PNE Amphitheater in Vancouver, BC, Arena Stage Theatre in Washington, DC, University of Chicago Campus in Hong Kong, The Butterfly tower in Vancouver, BC, Simon Fraser University and Surrey City Centre Library in Surrey, BC, and the Fazioli Butterfly Piano, amongst others.

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